About Us

Together with our clients, we introduce innovative and life-improving medical and biotechnology products to Chinese patients.

Our Story

In 2007, BradyKnows Medical (Brady, 贝迪诺恩) was founded in Beijing China by a group of medical device engineers, physicians, quality, and regulatory experts. These people were gathered by the commitment of introducing international life-improving and innovative medical devices to patients in China.

By 2021, BradyKnows has established 6 subsidiaries in China and US including Beijing, Shanghai, Hainan, Zaozhuang, Seattle, and California. Together, we offer One-Stop China Market Entry service including in-country legal representative, regulatory intelligence, and strategy, NMPA registration, CRO, testing, post-market surveillance and quality assurance, and translation.

By 2022, BradyKnows has served 300+ global medical device manufacturers. From 2017 to 2022, BradyKnows achieved 1,500+ China approvals and 6,000+ go-to-market strategies for our clients. Our in-house CRO team was awarded as the TOP 10 CROs in APAC in 2022.

Our Leaders

Tony Liu


Our mission is to introduce innovative and life-improving medical devices to China for millions of patients.

Tracy Yu

General Manager of BradyKnows US & Partner

We exceed in this area because we listen to our clients, think from their perspective, and provide practical solutions.

Lerry Li

Quality Assurance Director & Partner

As the legal agent for our international clients in China, we ensure their medical devices' lifecycle compliance with China regulations.

Linda Ma

RA Director & Partner

Medical device regulation changes dynamically in China. We deliver custom regulatory intelligence and strategy to our clients.

Zhiyong Rao

Technical Director & Partner

Compliance to Chinese standards is the key to success. Start planning for China entry during the R&D phase.


"In my search for a strategic partner in China, Brady exceeded the other companies in all areas. While they have a very experienced Regulatory and Marketing team, their technical engineering, clinical, and international project management expertise place them above other companies in this area."
The world's Most Advanced Cochlear Implant
Vice-President, Global Regulatory/Clinical Affairs
"After three rounds of public open tender, we selected Brady as the CRO for our multicenter clinical trials in China. Brady was able to complete the 70-patient study within 12 months. Brady helped us obtain the NMPA approval for the World's First integrated CT Linear Accelerator by taking the innovation approval pathway. "
Leading Medical Imaging Innovator
In January 2022, BradyKnows expanded the US team by establishing a new subsidiary in Seattle of Washington State.
In April 2021, BradyKnows established Inspirative Medical, a new subsidiary located in the United States with the mission to provide superior project management experience to our overseas clients and target on market entry to all major markets around the world.
In April 2021, BradyKnows also established a new subsidiary in Shanghai. The Shanghai company provides comprehensive quality assurance services, customs clearance, project management, client maintenance, and trading.
In July 2020, BradyKnows established a subsidiary in Hainan province of China. The Hainan subsidiary specializes in real-world data collection, clinical research, physician training, technology promotion, literature publication, and commercialization.
In 2007, BradyKnows was founded in Beijing, China. The company provides comprehensive market entry services to China with a focus on medical device and in vitro diagnostic products.